Jabuka Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3 of Jabuka (C# physics and 3D engine) is finished (a lot shorter than tutorial 2, but I didn’t want to be working on it for six months again). The main page is here http://www.taumuon.co.uk/jabuka/, and the pdf file is here http://www.taumuon.co.uk/jabuka/Tutorial3/Tutorial3_v1.pdf.

This tutorial basically just consumes the work done in the last tutorial (the Test-Driven Developed physics component), by our 3D app. Also has a brief discussion of favouring composition over inheritance.

I think next up will be simple sphere-sphere collision detection, and then once this is working then add rotations. Some feedback on handling rotations would be good - I’ve got quaternion rotation working, but as it’s kinda a beginners engine maybe I should just use matrices? Anyone care?