Croatia Christmas and New Year 2006

We spent Christmas and New Year in Split ( partying, eating, drinking. Being on the Mediterranean, the weather was very spring-like, being about 13 deg.C every day but feeing warmer in the sunshine. I must have put on a few kilos by eating an extraordinary amount of food, and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine drinking proper coffees. Photos are up here (and I’m trying to clear up the backlog, so last year’s photos of Zagreb and Ljubljana are also up here

We didn’t really do much sightseeing this time, we were catching up with Mare’s family and friends (and playing a lot of Risk). Oh, thanks to Robi for the home made herbal Rakija and red wine (unfortunately I couldn’t bring it through airport security, but will get hold of it soon!).

I really like being in Split - everybody is always really warm and hospitable, and really makes me feel welcome. I also like the culture there, loads of English people say how they’d miss the local pub and real ales, but I much prefer being in a konoba (like a bistro) eating and drinking with live performers playing traditional music. Everybody’s into singing and dancing - Mare’s got a great voice (her brother was a pop idol finalist and her cousin is in a band), and it’s great when everyone in the bar starts singing along. My dad said that it was quite like that in pubs in Mid Wales maybe 30 years ago - at the end of the night everyone would be singing along together; it’s a pity that that’s died out now (well, not for anyone that would have to suffer hearing my singing!)

Anyway, here’s the list of foods that rocked my boat this time: Salata od hobotnice (octobus salad), black squid risotto, pašticada, Francuska Salata (with homemade mayonnaise), pršut, tuna pašteta, fried white bait, anchovies, olives, home made cheese, sarma (minced meat in cabbage leaves) along with so many cakes I lost count!