Maslina and Rakija updates for NUnit 2.4.7

The above NUnit extensions have been updated, Rakija (the data-driven tests extension) has simply been rebuilt against NUnit 2.4.7.

Maslina (the theory extension) has had some changes.
Firstly, inline Assumptions have been added (i.e. you can Assume.IsTrue()) in the code.

The most important change, however, is that a failure of the pre-called assumptions now results in the body of the theory method not being called, i.e. theories are no longer validated (and similarly, Assume.IsTrue() exits the theory method immediately).

There were some very interesting discussions on the NUnit developer list recently which persuaded me of the error of my ways, most specifically, it can be too ‘dangerous’ to continue execution of a theory if the user has signalled that the data is invalid.

You should validate that your assumptions are valid when writing theories, but this should be done in either another theory, or plain vanilla unit test.

Comments welcome as always :)