Francuska Salata

In Croatia, Christmas dinner is a multi-course extravaganza. First off, a beef soup is served, followed by starters, then a pot roast, followed by roast veal and potatoes, and then a dessert.

The starter is typically a platter of cured meats and cheeses, bread, and Francuska Salata. Francuska Salata literally translates as French Salad, but actually translates as Olivier Salad. It is a dangerous move to over-fill on starters as it will be a struggle to eat later courses.

To make Francuska Salata, cook carrots and potatoes and dice finely.


Mix with peas, chopped boiled egg, finely chopped gherkins, salt, pepper, lemon juice and mayonnaise.


Serve with bread, meat and cheeses, but don’t eat too much!